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UU STX Volunteer

UU Volunteer Opportunities: Committees, Groups, and individual jobs.
(for more information regarding current committee members, see below at the end of this list*)

Sunday School Assistant: This responsibility can be covered by one, or two people or more. If two people wish to job share, they can take turns assisting the classes. We have a book on UU Curriculum from the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Assn.) and there is more available online. We also have a box of art supplies for a class to use. 

Committees and Groupseach committee will have a Chairman who will decide what needs to be done and to hold meetings, if and when necessary. In alphabetical order.

Correspondence (cards)This is usually one person job, which involves sending cards for birthdays, get well, sympathy, or congratulations. This can be done online for instance:  the American Greetings site will allow you to pick and send a card for any occasion. The advantage to using real cards is that the Fellowship can sign them before they are mailed. This person would have a list of the birthdays, which the Board Secretary could send him, or her. They would have to update the list whenever necessary and would have to be told if there are any other reasons to send cards. The Treasurer will reimburse for cards and postage, but you will have to keep your receipts and turn them in.

Covenant Groups: We only have one at this time, but can add more when needed, and if a facilitator is available. This group discusses different topics of a spiritual nature. The purpose of a Covenant Group is to build community. This group is open to anyone who attends services and usually meets every other Sunday, rotating with the Sunday Services. 

Finance: Chairman: The treasurer should head this committee and needs at least one other financial person.

Flowers: It is the responsibility of the members of this committee to provide beautiful flowers for each service, for both the altar and the refreshments table.

Hospitality/Refreshments:  This committee is primarily responsible for signing up the members and guests to bring food and drinks to be served for the Membership and visitors during the social time following each service. They must call and remind each person who signs up for a Sunday. Some times this includes and Thanksgiving Day Potluck dinner, or pot luck luncheons, or parties for workshops and special celebrations

Membership: This committee is responsible for asking new members to join the Fellowship. If a perspective member says they would like to join, the committee member will refer the person to the board and they will be added to the list of members waiting for the next Membership Ceremony to become official. The Chairman will explain the ceremony and what it means to be a member, ie.: What we believe in and Covenant to. 

Music: This committee is responsible for putting together the choir practices and being sure the Fellowship has regularly scheduled practices and someone to play for the services and practice with the choir. It is also the responsibility of this committee is be sure we have a working keyboard that is in good tune and is at the place where the service will be held on the Sundays that we have a scheduled service. There needs to be a Chairman, or Co Chairs..

Nominating: The board will decide which positions will need to be filled for the next year and will give the Chairman a list of people they feel are potential candidates for each position. The Chairman will ask for other members of the committee and they will be assigned to ask the members of the Fellowship to serve when new board and committee members need to be nominated. The names of those who accept the call to service will be given to the board and they will make up the slate of officers for the Annual Meeting when the new Board will be voted on.

Pastoral Care: When necessary a committee member can be called upon to visit someone who cannot get out, or to do errands, or drive them to UU programs, or pick up groceries. They also might make a list of other needs that person has for support and take it back to the Fellowship for discussion. There should be a committee of more than one person. The committee should decide what the parameters of the committee should beAnyone in the Fellowship can be asked to visit someone if they have a special relationship with the individual and the whole group should notified in case of a crisis (i.e. an accident, or surgery).

Program Planning: This is a very important Committee, usually, but not always, Chaired by the V.P. of the Board. This group choses the topics for the services and recommends the speakers on each topic. The members of this committee may take turns planning the services and leading the services that they plan. Contacts with speakers have to be made and services have to be planned and the Orders of Service have to be printed.

Publicity: This can be handled by one person, who will be responsible for putting the monthly ads in the Avis newspaper and will send out the email newsletter each month to the Fellowship members, and friends. This newsletter will include the updates and all upcoming events for the coming month.

Religious EducationThis committee will oversee the concerns of the Sunday School program, including being sure there is a teacher for each Sunday when services are scheduled. They will hold meetings when there is any pressing business which needs to be discussed with the parents and teacher, including curriculum. The Chairman will put together the schedule of services with the curriculum ideas, teachers and teaching assistants, and will notify the parents involved. A schedule will be made for teachers and teaching assistants. All the parents with children in the program will be members of this committee. 

Set Up for Services: chairs, tables and piano keyboard and audio system may need to be set up and put away. This may not always be needed depending on the location where we will be meeting.

Social Concerns: This committee will decide which groups the Fellowship should give money to at the end of each fiscal year. They will compile a list of worthy not-for-profits and solicit other ideas from the Fellowship, by email, and  by asking for suggestions prior to the Annual Meeting. The list they will put together will be voted on by the Fellowship members. The Treasurer will tell them how much money has been budgeted for this use. If there is a major disaster, they may ask that the group give during the year and the group can vote at that time. The list usually includes the groups that gave sermon talks during the year.

Ushers/collection basket/chalice lightingmay be done by one, or two people.

Webmaster: this person’s responsibility will be to update the information on our Blog page.

Welcome Committee/Greeters: This committee usually has two members whose job it is to greet the members, friends, family, children and visitors each Sunday when we have a service. They set up the front desk and be sure that the name tags are hanging up, and that the Order of Service copies are available and to hand one to each person as they greet them. And be sure that the visitor name tags are available and encourage newcomers to sign the visitor’s book and wear a paper name tag. If they attend more than one service, it is the responsibility of the Greeters to advise the person who makes the permanent name tags to make up a name tag for that person, or persons.

*If you would like to know who is already on these committees please email: uufstx@gmail.com or emythomas: emythomas275@gmail.com, or gailnealon@gmail.com for the list that includes the names of the current committee members. This may make it easier to choose which committees need you most.


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