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Religious Education


We believe that faith is a journey we take together.

Religious education takes a lifetime. It happens both within and beyond a congregation’s walls. We support one another as individuals, families, and communities in an ongoing search for truth and meaning. We strive to guide one another—all ages among us—in religious questioning, personal change, and discovering ways to better live in faith.   – uua.org

Sunday Topics – Schedule:

9/13/2015 Water Communion
9/27/2015 New Beginnings/ Visitor Sunday
10/11/2015 Spanish History/Heritage
10/25/2015 Day of Remembrance of the Dead
11/8/2015 Bless all Who Serve/ Peace Day
11/22/2015 Gratitude Potluck
12/13/2015 Holiday Program/ Music Program
12/27/2015 Endings and Beginnings
1/10/1025 Stewardship Sunday
1/24/2016 Repurposing Our Lives
2/14/2016 LOVE
2/28/2016 Black History/Heritage
3/13/2016 Religious Education Sunday/ Invite a Family Sunday
3/27/2016 Easter
4/10/2016 Earth Day
4/24/2016 Diversity Sunday
5/18/2016 Mothers Day/ Flower Ceremony
5/22/2016 Final Service and Annual Meeting – Journey to Unitarian Universalism


It’s Back To School Time for R.E. Youth

Good luck for 2015-2016 New School year





What Does UU Religious Education Look Like?

“Children’s religious education programs are typically offered on Sunday mornings. You might find preschoolers singing a song about making new friends, second graders engaging with a story about loss and bereavement, fifth graders talking with a Muslim couple about Islam, or older youth speaking to the congregation about their plan to raise money for a local homeless shelter.

Religious education programs include more than classes. Programs may incorporate social justice and community service activities, worship opportunities, or creating art to share with the congregation.” -www.uua.org

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Transforming Ourselves and Our World

“We affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all beings, and we believe each of us is responsible and capable to help change the world for the better. Through continually learning and growing together we encourage and support one another, and our children, to know and express our moral agency. From anti-racism and environmental justice to personal spiritual growth, using many formats for learning, Unitarian Universalist (UU) religious education taps the wisdom of diverse Sources. We help one another find grounding and connection with ethics, faith, spirit, and UU identity. We feed the faith development of everyone involved; teachers are learners, learners are teachers.” – http://www.uua.org



January 2015

Happy New Years to everyone! May your 2015 be filled with many wonderful memories of UU family time!
The first half of our year mostly focused on holidays with many inter-generational services. In this half, we will see a delightful shift in our lesson plans into more personal spiritual development of the kids as individuals making connections to the world around us. With about 10 full R.E. Sundays, I will be following closely and customizing to our group’s Sunday school sessions with our international organization’s expert curriculum program for children called the Tapestry of Faith. http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/
What to expect this month of January?
January 11th topic is on stewardship and January 25 is our R.E. Sunday will be highlighting religious education.
What to expect for the rest of the UU year?To name a few:
  • This month I’ll be introducing an R.E. Club Newsletter for the kids. This will be one of their local resource tools for staying up to date and in touch with each other as a group. One of my goals with this newsletter is to use it as a tool to support and encourage them in their own paths of community and school activism.
  • R.E. Club Trip. The purpose is to foster meaningful ways in which they can interact with nature and/or culture on STX as a part of our overall purpose in developing how we connect with our communities.

As we seek to grow our R.E. group, we appreciate all the support and sharing our information with others. As we continue to develop our R.E. program, feel free to email or call with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I am looking forward to a great 2015 at our St Croix UU Fellowship!


September 2014 Column

Welcome back U.U.s to a new school year and new UU year. First let me begin with thanks and deep gratitude to you for being so welcoming. I look forward to all of us growing together as U.U. family.


This year, Religious Education (R.E.) is a major focus of our UU community as it plays an important role in our worlds as adults and as kids. What to expect?

We have a total of 19 services. Between September and December, there are 8 services, 3 are intergenerational, and 5 are our actual breakout sessions for Sunday school. Two of those 5 are right before Thanksgiving, and Christmas. With this in mind, September to December is the major holiday season of the year where many world ideals and values are covered in a short span of time in our communities and schools. With the first half of the year having more intergenerational services than the second, R.E.’s focus will be on how we connect to our families and communities. One of my goals is to have one community outreach activity led by the kids this fall around Christmas time and one field trip in the spring.

By the end of the UU year, I expect the R.E. to grow. As we know how much of an impact R.E. had on our lives, I would like to invite parents, friends, anyone with a vested interest in the R.E. of our UU kids, to join the R.E. Committee this fall.

The mission of this group will be to set goals for R.E., help coordinate intergenerational services, and plan next year’s field trip. If you are interested, we’ll meet for 30-60 minutes. Please email me your preferred time: after service/before service/other day.

First Service: September 14 is an intergenerational service with the UU’s tradition of the water ceremony.  I look forward to hearing where each of the kids will be bringing their water from that will be part of the water ceremony.

Tying into the water theme, here are some cool videos about water.

Musical Inspiration on Water 2.05 minutes 

Water has a memory  2.50 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILSyt_Hhbjg


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  1. I am in search of a Shaman on St Croix. Can UU help me?

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