Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St Croix

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UU Services are held at the Jewish Community Centre on Route 83 South
(also known as “church row”).

Coming from either West or East you will drive into the Hermon Hill/Beeston Hill intersection and turn onto Rt. 83 South. Coming out of Christiansted on Rt. 70 going west, you will go straight at the intersection. Coming from West to East, you will take a sharp right at the intersection. The JCC is on the left about a quarter of a mile in. There is a large sign near the road.

Services: 10am

Refreshments: 11am

On the second and fourth Sundays of each month, September to May.

All are welcome.

For more information call 340-332-2850 or 704-458-7676.

Email:  uufstx@gmail.com

Our Minister:  Reverend Qiyamah Rockman.


Reverend Qiyamah A. Rahman currently serves as minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix (UUFSC). She is a retired social worker, passionate writer, and inspired community leader focused on building bridges between individuals across boundaries of faith traditions, culture, race, ethnicities, countries etc.

“I never thought I would go into parish ministry. I always saw myself as a community minister because of my activist history and social work background. Yet I feel like I have the best of both worlds”, she states. “My community work is an extension of my ministry. The parish ministry is a way to connect to a community of individuals that have chosen Unitarian Universalism as a path toward growth and development – as a way to change the world. As the minister I have covenanted with the community of Unitarian Universalists to companion with them on our journeys to live a life committed to justice, service and love. My role is to create worship experiences that provides a space that continually reminds members of the sacredness of their lives and the connection of their lives to others that prompts the desire to leaving a unique living legacy. Additionally, my role includes serving as resident theologian and to be there for members through life’s ups and downs. Our role together is to build community that mirrors the kind of world we are attempting to create and live into. We can ask no more of one another than to leave a legacy of caring compassionate human beings that lived full and rich lives while being in service to others and leaving the world a better place.

Buddhism asks three things of its members, to practice, to have faith and to study. This provoked my thinking about what Unitarian Universalism asks of us? I believe when we join a congregation we are asked to contribute our time, talents and treasure, according to Kenn Hurto, South East Regional Executive. “Ones’ time means thinking about and intentionally setting aside time to deepen your awareness and understanding about Unitarian Universalism. It also means attending services and functions that in turn allow a sense of community. Giving of your talents, means devoting some of your unique gifts to the community of Unitarian Universalism. Your talents of music, cooking, public speaking, teaching etc. All are needed in the community. Treasure – While UUs do not tithe, that is, give 10% of their income as some Christians are encouraged to do, it is important to commit financially to the ongoing vision of your community. While Unitarian Universalism does not endorse huge edifices, it is important to have attractive and comfortable meeting space and to provide a budget for the kinds of programs and services that reflect the mission and vision of the congregation. No matter how small or large a congregation is, without financial support it cannot be healthy and vibrant. So what is expected? Your time, talents and treasure based on what your individual circumstances allow. Only you can determine that,” says Rev. Qiyamah with a smile. “Come and see us. You might like what you hear and decide to come back. We welcome you.”

Religious Education
Under the guidance of Shelli Brin-Olive, Sunday School is held at the same time as services.

Gail Nealon leads a service


Our late member Marge Tonks, sadly missed.

PO BOX 3034



USVI 00851


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