Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St Croix

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Stewardship Weekend

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Connie Goodbread, a representative of the southern district of UUA, which
includes the Virgin Islands, spent five days on St. Croix Jan. 8-13, 2014,
to help our fellowship shape a growth path for the immediate future. We
concentrated on growing membership, leadership, religious education and
income. A busy weekend included a workshop Saturday and a service Sunday.

1. Connie Goodbread of the regional office of the Unitarian Universalist
Association tells a children’s story, Five Smooth Stones.

2.With our minister, the Rev. Qiyamah Rahman, at the Jewish
Synagogue where our services are held.

3. Connie Goodbread with Jim Nealon, President, and Gail Nealon, Past
(Photos by Diane Moran)photo (6) photo (7) photo (8)


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