Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St Croix

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Newsletter March 2013

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix

(The Fellowship meets at the Jewish Community Center in Hermon Hill the
second and fourth Sundays October-May. Services and Sunday School are
held at 10 AM. Refreshments and conversation follow.)

Rev. Qiyamah Rahman delivers the Easter sermon.

Rev. Qiyamah Rahman delivers the Easter sermon.

Ten new members UU

Ten new members joined the Fellowship March 24, 2013. Several of them are
pictured here. From left: Janice Giles, Susan Filene, Rev. Qiyamah Rahman,
Susan Kraeger, Irene Homa, Bob Filene, Frances Andrews and Board President
Gail Nealon. The others are Phyllis Charles, Dorothy Flash, Sheila Scullion
and Ed Schell.

Cat Frank's children's story.

Cat Frank’s children’s story.









March 3 (Sunday) 10 AM: Covenant Group meets home of Emy Thomas

March 4 (Monday) 3:30 PM: Board of Directors meets at home of Emy Thomas

March 10 (Sunday) 10 AM Service: “In Our Sisters’ Gardens,” an
intergenerational service led by the Rev. Qiyamah Rahman. No Sunday School; children will participate in the service which will explore the contributions of UU Women.

March 17 (Sunday) 10 AM: Covenant Group meets home of Emy Thomas

March 24 (Sunday) 10 AM Service and New Member Ceremony &
Sunday School: Service: “Easter from a Unitarian Universalist Perspective” by Rev. Qiyamah Rahman.

New Member Ceremony (see below)

March 31 (Sunday): NO service or covenant group.

An important message from our president, Gail Nealon:
We talk a lot about sharing our gifts and serving our community.
Well, we have some wonderful opportunities for you. There will be three
board positions opening up for the next two-year term. Elections will
be held at the Annual Meeting at the end of May. We are now soliciting
volunteer nominees for Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We are
pleased to announce that Jim Nealon has agreed to replace me as President,
providing we have a candidate to take over his current job as Treasurer.
I will be leaving as President after serving for seven years in leadership
positions, five as President and two as Vice President.

If you have the skills needed and are available for any of the other
offices, please step forward to offer your services before being asked. If you
are approached by a member of the Nominating Committee, please think
seriously about how your skills can benefit the Fellowship. It takes all of
us to make the Fellowship run smoothly, and if you serve on the Board you
can make a real difference! Thank you for considering these possibilities for
service. (Please note that you must be a member to serve on the Board. If
you are interested in being an officer but are not yet a member, you can join
at our next New Member Celebration on March 24. See details below.)
If you are thinking, as I was when asked, there is no way I can do that
job, here are some wise words from John Wayne that Sue Filene shared with
me this week: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
Current officers can answer any questions you may have, and I will be
happy to forward job descriptions for these positions. Contact me at
Nominees are sought for:
Vice President: Nina York will be leaving the board, but will continue to
serve on the Program Committee.
Treasurer: Jim Nealon has served for three years and will move up to
President providing there is a new treasurer.
Secretary: Emy Thomas will be retiring from the board after several years
of service in the 90s and the current decade. (She has also been doing our
publicity and monthly newsletters. These jobs can be done by someone who
is not on the Board. We are looking for a volunteer for these jobs also.)

As proof positive that the UU Fellowship of St. Croix is
entering a bigger and better era, largely thanks to the magnetic presence of
our new minister, the Rev. Dr. Qiyamah Rahman, an informal ceremony to
welcome at least six new members into the Fellowship will be included in
the service on March 24. After the workshop on “What It Means to Be a
UU” led by President Gail Nealon and Rev. Qiyamah on February 2, the
following attendees signed up to join: Bob and Sue Filene, Susan Kraeger,
Irene Homa, Sheila Scullion and Dorothy Flash. Anyone else who would
like to join in March is encouraged to do so simply by contacting Gail
(gailnealon@gmail.com). By popular request the “ceremony” will be
simple; the new members will stay in their seats as their names are read, the
congregation reads a welcoming message and the new members read a
response as a group. They will sign the Membership Book informally during
coffee hour.

March is National Women’s History Month. The Month provides us
with a wonderful opportunity and excuse to celebrate the role of women in
general, and particularly Unitarian Universalist women. The March 10th
service, titled “In Our Sisters Gardens: Exploring the Contributions of
Unitarian Universalist Women”: is a great way to educate ourselves about
the sometimes hidden role that women have played in our faith tradition
in earlier years when gender was an obstacle to women’s inclusion and
Our sheroes are too numerous to name but we are going to attempt
to do just that in the March 10th service. It is an intergenerational service
and our young people will remain with us and participate in this exciting
Additionally, March is National Kidney Awareness Month. Did you
know that 1 in 9 adult Americans suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease.
However, many don’t realize they have reduced kidney function. Therefore,
they don’t know they can take steps to protect their kidneys.
National Kidney Awareness Month is an opportunity to educate
yourselves and make a difference in your health.
To learn more about kidney awareness call the National Kidney
Foundation @ 1-800-622-9010.
The life you save could be your own!
Finally, in addition to learning about the various perspectives on
Easter, including Unitarian Universalists’, the March 24th service will
recognize new members joining the Fellowship. See you in Church!
Rev. Qiyamah

fellowship for your continued donations and pledges. We are operating close
to break even currently. Donations and pledges accepted any time.

For fiscal year to date, June 1, 2012 to Feb 11, 2013:
Income = $ 12,763 ( budget $ 14,702 )
Expenses = $12,406 ( budget $13,197 )

P.O. Box 3034, Kingshill, VI 00851 * http://www.uustcroix.org * 340-277-8354.
Rev, Qiyamah: 340-513-3628 * revdocrok@gmail.com


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