Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St Croix

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January Newsletter of UUSTX

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix

Newsletter January 2013

MOMENTOUS OCCASION: The Rev. Qiyamah Rahman was installed as the
minister of the St. Croix fellowship on Dec. 9, 2012, by the Rev. Kenn Hurto, leader
of the UU Southern District. (Photo by Nina York)


JANUARY SCHEDULE (& a bit into February):

(The Fellowship meets at the Jewish Community Center in Hermon Hill the second and fourth Sundays
October-May. Refreshments and conversation follow.)

Jan. 6 (Sunday) 10 AM: Covenant Group at home of Emy Thomas. Leader: Gail Nealon.

Jan. 8 (Tuesday) 5:30 PM: .Board of Directors meeting at Emy’s house,

Jan. 13 (Sunday) 10 AM: Service and Sunday School. Rev. Qiyamah Rahman on “The
Role of Renewal and Hope in Our Lives”.

Jan. 20 (Sunday) 10 AM: Covenant Group at home of Emy Thomas

Jan. 27 (Sunday) 10 AM: Service and Sunday School. Rev. Qiyamah officiating. Guest
Speaker Frandelle Gerard, director of CHANT (Crucian Heritage & Nature Tourism).

Feb. 3 (Sunday) 10 AM: Special Service: Guest Minister Rev. Edmund Robinson on “To
Be of Use” (reflections on the need for activities to occupy us, whether paid or unpaid,
and to organize our time). His wife, Jacqueline Schwab, a renowned pianist, will provide
Please note: There is no Covenant Group meeting this day.

Happy New Year! It is January 1 – the first day of the new year and I am beginning my
sixth month of my new life on St. Croix. I have made several major transitions this year
that include: moving from Chicago to St. Croix; switching from community ministry to
parish ministry and leaving academia to re-enter the field of social work. Each of these
transitions contains multiple layers of changes and repercussions.
I am grateful for my family, friends and supporters, old and new, stateside and Crucian.
I thank each of you that have assisted me in my transitions. It would not have been
possible without each of you. I have not had one moment’s regret!
Many of you in the Fellowship have made transitions as well! You have hired your first
minister. And many of you are getting used to some of the changes that has brought. Let
me hear from you how you are doing with the various changes. I have really tried not to
make changes but my mere presence forced some of the changes. And others reflected
my efforts to blend me and we into the new.
The Fellowship started the new church year with added fiscal goals and responsibilities
as a result of hiring a part time minister. You have had your first Installation ceremony
and all the pomp and circumstance that accompanies such rites of passage. We are now
squarely on the radar screen of the Southern Region and the Unitarian Universalist
Association of Congregations in a way that brings a different status and awareness. We
actually figured out how to skype a conversation between our Lead District Executive,
Kenn Hurto, and the Board, thus eliminating the onerous dilemma of distance. The
Fellowship Board has applied for its first grant, the Chalice Lighters Grant from the
Southern District. We should receive a check soon. So we have begun to utilize some
of the benefits derived from our membership and “Fair Share” dues with the Unitarian
Universalist Association. There are more benefits that we can tap into and the Board
will be exploring ways to utilize as many of them as possible. Kenn Hurto reminded
members and friends attending both the morning and afternoon workshops on December
8 that in order to continue to be a viable community, as members and friends committed
to the Fellowship we want to ensure the continued giving of our talents, time and
treasure. I hope that each of you will take his words to heart and continue to support the
Fellowship’s vision to grow its mission and membership and become a viable presence in
the life of St. Croix and in each of your lives.
See you in Church!
Blessings! Rev. Qiyamah

CLERGY MEET AND GREET: The UUFSC and the Jewish Community Center will
be co-sponsoring a Clergy Meet and Greet January 31, 6 to 8:30 PM, at the Juan F. Luis
Hospital in the 3rd floor class room. Please pass this invitation on to any clergy you are
in communication with. Have them RSVP to Rev. Rahman (revdocrok@gmail.com) or
Rabbi Sapsowitz (mhsapsowitz@yahoo.com). Light refreshments will be served.

P.O. Box 3034, Kingshill, VI 00851 * http://www.uustcroix.org * 340-277-8354.
Rev, Qiyamah: 340-513-3628 * revdocrok@gmail.com


One thought on “January Newsletter of UUSTX

  1. Good letter, Qiyamah. Looking forware to an ever more interesting new year.


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