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End of Year Donations Doubled!

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Season’s Greetings, UU Friends.

There  are only a few days left!   Every dollar we donate to UU STX for the matching fund for ministry by Dec 31 will be matched by an anonymous donor.  Andy and I decided to take advantage of this opportunty and made our donation; we are asking you to do the same. Whatever amount you can contribute will be doubled.

We can already see the positive impact Rev. Qiyamah has made in our small, but now growing, congregation.  Having a minister is huge in terms of the positive impact on our church and the larger community, and in terms of the financial commitment it means for us.  Qiyamah’s relocation to St. Croix was an unforseen gift, not something the UU Board had a lot of time to plan for, but it is an incredible opportunity for our church.  The anonymous donor recognizes this and has challenged us as a fellowship to rise to the occasion.  Let’s meet that challenge and give as generously as we can.

Please contact Jim Nealon TODAY to make your donation j_nealon@yahoo.com   Don’t set this aside with good intentions of getting back to it – I know too well how that goes, especially this time of year! 🙂
Warm regards,
Robin Freeman

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