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Newsletter December 2012

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Croix                        

District Leader to Spend Weekend Here – 

Our New Minister to Be Installed

Church Service, Installation of Minister, Workshops and Potluck Lunch Planned

The Rev. Kenneth Gordon Hurto, Executive Lead of the Southern Region of the UU Association, which includes the Virgin Islands, will be on St. Croix the weekend of December 7-9 as part of our fellowship’s “start-up” with a new minister. On Sunday, Dec. 9, he will lead the service and the installation of the Rev. Dr. Qiyamah Rahman, the first minister in our 28-year history. (She has been recognized in the media recently. See her interview in the St. Croix Source that is attached.) His sermon title is “Turn the World Around”. The installation ceremony includes a covenant to be exchanged between Rev. Qiyamah and the fellowship board and membership. (If you get a call from Rev. Qiyamah asking you to participate she asks that you just say yes.) Other local clergy have been invited and the event is open to the public. A reception will follow the ceremony and service.

Other events planned for the Rev. Kenn’s visit include a potluck lunch and workshop at the home of Gail and Jim Nealon in the rainforest (directions below). Lunch is at 12 and the workshop, on “Making a Difference,” is from 1 to 3. It is open to UU members and friends. This will encompass the why, what and how of a faith community, the balancing of Me and We, creating positive norms and the transformative power of a faith community. He will also lead a workshop with the board of directors that morning. (Directions to the Nealons: From the town of Frederiksted go north along the beach road until you come to Creque Dam Road on your right (Route 58) Follow that for a couple of miles, until you come to Mount Victory Camp on your left. The Nealons’ road is just to the right of that. It’s a rough dirt road.  You will pass a couple of cleared areas. Keep going until you see their name and gate on the right.)

The Rev. Kenn has served Unitarian Universalist ministries for 40 years in congregations in Indiana and Iowa, northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Zealand and Australia — and most recently in Fort Myers, Florida. Widely sought out for his work with systems theory and congregational leadership, he has served as our District Executive since 2006. He leads a seven member field staff who provide organizational development and leadership training for the 230 congregations that make up the Southern District

About the installation: In our UU tradition, installation offers a blessing to a clergy person as she or he begins a new ministry and partnership with a particular congregation. As UUs, we are a part of the “free church” tradition that is characterized by congregational independence and autonomous leadership. In addition to being non-creedal and non-hierarchical, we are governed by “congregational polity,” that is our congregation’s final authority is vested in its legal membership. Congregational polity grants us the right to ordain, call and install our own ministers.  Thus, each congregation is free and empowered to install whomever it regards as an appropriate partner to lead it.


Dec. 4 (Tuesday): Board meeting home of Emy Thomas 5PM

Dec. 8 (Saturday): Day with Kenn Hurto at the Nealons (details above)          Board workshop 10-12. Potluck Lunch 12-1. Workshop for members and friends 1-3.

Dec. 9 (Sunday) 10 AM (details above): Installation of the Rev. Dr. Qiyamah Rahman followed by Service led by the Rev. Kenn Hurto, Executive Lead of the Southern Region of the UU Association. Sermon: “Turn the World Around.” Sunday School is held at the same time. A reception for the Revs. Qiyamah and Kenn will follow the service.

Dec. 16 (Sunday): Covenant group at the home of Emy Thomas, 10 AM

Dec. 23 (Sunday) 10AM: Holiday Musical Tribute depicting the many holidays/holy days of the season – Christmas, Solstice, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. 

Volunteer Needed: The Jewish Community Center has asked us to provide a volunteer to open the center for the exterminator once a month—day and time at your convenience. If interested, contact Gail (gailnealon@gmail.com).

installation invite

The UU Fellowship of St. Croix meets at the Jewish Community Center in Hermon Hill the second and fourth Sundays October-May at 10 AM. Sunday School is held at the same time. All are welcome.


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