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November Newsletter

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Rev. Qiyamah Rahman dressed appropriately for the Peace Service on October
28, which attracted a larger than usual crowd. The welcome newcomers included
Marna Sapsowitz, the Jewish Community Center’s new rabbi. Carolyn Keys, the
coordinator for the Alternatives to Violence Project, spoke on “Peace in Action.”

November Schedule:

Nov. 4: Covenant Group meeting led by Gail Nealon at home of Emy Thomas, 10-12

Nov. 6: Board of Directors meeting at home of Emy Thomas, 5 PM

Nov.11: Service led by Rev. Qiyamah; Guest speaker Peter Stewart on “Awakening the Soul: Increasing Spiritual Awareness through the Practice of Qigong”.  Jewish Community Center 10 AM .

Peter W. Stewart, M.Ac.O.M., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac., is a graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbology on St. Croix for over 17 years. He is nationally certified in both acupuncture and auricular medicine. In addition, Peter is a qigong teacher, the student of Grand Master Li Junfeng, the founder of Sheng Zhen Gong, The Qigong of Unconditional Love. As such, he teaches several of Grand Master Li’s forms to students on St. Croix, including Awakening the Soul.


Nov. 18 Covenant Group led by Gail Nealon, Emy’s house, 10 AM.

Nov. 25: Thanksgiving Service and Potluck Dinner, 10 AM at Jewish Community Center. Rev. Qiyamah Rahman will lead the service and speak on “Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude.”

She writes: “Thanksgiving marks a long standing national holiday for many Americans. It is a time that families and friends gather to visit and nurture ties and to give thanks for their blessings. Cultivating mindfulness of gratitude and thanksgiving is a powerful spiritual practice that can lead to heightened insights and renewal. Who among us does not desire calmness of mind, clarity, and a renewal of purpose? All this and more is possible when we learn true gratitude.

Join us for a post Thanksgiving celebration followed by a bountiful potluck.”

Potluck: Nina York has graciously offered to cook the turkey. The rest of us will bring complementary dishes. Sign up at the Nov. 11 service or email Patt Lewis (parma0603@yahoo.com) with your contribution. Let’s make this a trashless party; please bring your own place setting(s): plates, cups, cutlery, napkins. Don’t forget serving utensils for your dish.


Conference on New Ministry

Being Good at What We Do!

Summary by Qiyamah Rahman

On Saturday, October 27, the UUFSC’s Board and I held our first skyped conversation with Kenn Hurto, the newly appointed Lead Executive for the Unitarian Universalist Southern Region (Florida, Mid-South, Southeast and Southwestern Conference Districts). His availability and consultation services are a result of our Fair Share Gifts (a portion of our collection and pledges) to the UUA. As a Fair Share Fellowship we are eligible for numerous services and resources. The focus of our conversation Saturday was to help me as the newly appointed minister and the Board clarify our new roles and expectations. The conversation helped us get off to a good start. Kenn Hurto succinctly identified the 4 P’s of Ministry:


The Four P’s of Ministry

Preacher – theologian, sermonizer, and teacher.

Pastor – Caring for the members through counseling and pastor care; conducting Rites of Passage such as marrying, burying, child dedications, and Bridging ceremonies.

Prophet – The minister becomes the face of the congregation in the larger community, representing the Fellowship and UUism.

Promoter of the Church – As the promoter the minister participates in the life of the church and promotes the congregation’s presence and well being among the members as well as in the larger community.


Kenn also posed some very key questions that the Board and the Fellowship will possibly entertain in future conversations:


What will happen when we grow?

What is the culture of UUFSC?

Do we have a ministry to offer people that come through our doors?

What can we do to clarify our sense of purpose for those that are already here and those coming through the doors?

Why do we do what we do?

What do we what to be known for?


I believe you will realize from Kenn’s helpful observations that a minister’s role entails far more than Sunday worship. Kenn’s invaluable help will include a future in-person visit to work with the Board and the membership. I look forward to this and many other opportunities to be in community, to grow and learn and expand the work of liberal religion in St. Croix.

Warmest regards, Rev. Qiyamah


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